DLCM is your solution for managing Bandcamp (and any other) download codes. No more sending out random lists of codes - your listeners can generate their own unique code and know that it will work! No more checking to see who took what.

How do I get started managing my codes?

Getting started is easy. First, go to our signup page and create a new account. Enter your email and choose a password. This is how you will log in to DLCM in the future.

Next, choose what type of account you would like to have, either an artist or a label. You will notice that as you begin to fill in your artist/label name, the field below it also starts to fill in. This field is your artist/label slug, and that represents your public-facing profile on DLCM.

For example, I just started a label named after my dogs, Franny and Rool Records. When I enter that into the label name field, the label slug auto-fills to franny-and-rool-records, and directly underneath that will be what your address on DLCM is - https://dlcm.app/franny-and-rool-records

We will let you know if that URL is available, or if somebody has already claimed that name. If that's the case, you can keep Franny and Rool Records as your label name, and edit your slug to something like franny-and-rool-records-2, or franny-and-rool-records-llc. And don't worry about proper formatting, the slug field will do that for you automatically.

Then click the signup button, and that's it! Welcome to the club.

What do I get with a free account?

A free account sets you up with a public page and the ability to upload two releases. A release can be anything from a single to an LP. You are also able to upload as many codes as you want for both of those releases, as well as upload the artwork for each. (Artwork must be less than 1MB)

What do I get with a pro account?

A pro account gives you access to a few features in addition to the free stuff. First, you aren't limited to just two releases, you can have as many as you like. You also get to display any other services you or the release is on, such as bandcamp/spotify/apple music/etc. You also are able to set those releases to inactive, meaning that they won't show up if a user goes to your artist/label page, and will say that there are no codes available on the releases page. In addition to setting active/inactive, you are also able to password-protect these pages.

Another feature included with a pro account is the ability to change your public profile address or slug. However, changing this will make the previous address show a page not found error. Make sure you tell all of your fans before making this change.

The last feature of the pro account is the ability to upload bandcamp .csv files for code upload instead of copying and pasting. Please be advised that this only works with .csv files provided by bandcamp, and other .csv files will result in an error.

What happens if I cancel my pro account?

We would be very sad, but if you decide that the pro account is not for you, you will keep the service until the end of your billing cycle. After that, your two newest releases will be saved, while all other releases and codes associated with them will be removed from our system. You will also no longer have any of the other perks that come with a pro account.